Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Roy G Biv

Monsoon season seems to have (finally!) started here in The Territory.  Those long, hard months of steamy heat are giving way to more steamy heat with a few torrential downpours to cool things down.  For a bit, anyway.

With rain comes rainbows! The boys and I have been busy with some rainbow inspired art in the form of collage.

The kids were able to help with the preparation.  First, we did a Google search to find a rainbow colouring in page to print.  Then, we rummaged through the craft box, scrapbook papers and magazines to find everything we could in the correct colours. Finally, we cut everything up small enough to fit our rainbows.

We used PVA (craft) glue to stick on pom poms, pipe cleaners, paddle-pop sticks, metallic confetti shapes, foam, feathers and paper plus cotton wool balls for the clouds.

Lots of fun and practice of our fine motor skills too!  Educational too...  Did you know a rainbow is made up of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet (ROY G BIV)?

This inspired me to finally go ahead with a project I've been admiring on Pinterest for a while now- Organising bookcases according to colour.

I know it's a bit pathetic sad, but looking at this makes me really happy!  Such a lovely spot to feed the baby and share a story before bed.  

We've found a great place for Peter and Jemima too, Grandma and the gorgeous new frame from you, Godmother Brooke... Completed with one of my favourite photos from Rohan's First Birthday and Naming Day- baby with his Godparents : )


So, what about you, friends? How do you entertain children (and/or yourself) when it's pouring rain outside?


  1. Poppet loooooves to bash her piano and xylophone. It's very 'musical' around here when it rains hahaha. She still gets cabin fever though so we also play on the balcony and watch the trees. She's fascinated by birds and trees.
    By the way, I really love the rainbow bookcase. Such a simple (and free) idea and it has such a big impact on the room. I'm going to try something similar in my craft room I think.

    1. Glad to have inspired a little rainbow in your house, Rach! Rohan is quite taken with his books now (though, perhaps his not noticing before was more to do with developmental stage than appealing design!) and would much rather I read to him than feed him!!


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