Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dinosaur World

Creating a world of imaginative play could not be easier.  I set the kids the task of making a Dinosaur World.  Here's what they came up with...

They started with a sandpit and set about making different landforms: A river and a volcano were deemed essential.

Then they added some plants.  At first this was bits of grass, then they started pulling up little ferns from the garden! (Which I'm not too concerned about because I'm sure they're probably weeds anyway!)  We talked a little about how plants were different when the dinosaurs lived and that the flowering plants (Angiosperms) only evolved during the Cretaceous period.  

Then we needed some dinosaurs.  I love dinosaurs and my boys have been learning a lot about them too.  

I love that the Stegosaurus is munching on some plants...

Liam even put Baryonx near the river because "where else did he get his fish?"

The Velociraptor is having a little something to eat too!

Of course, we all know the Jurassic Stegosaurus and the Cretaceous Triceratops would never have existed at the same time...but that may be a bit too much detail to be worrying about, don't you think?

And, out of interest, here is some amazing new research about some of our favourite dinosaurs that we discovered while visiting Sea World earlier in the year.  Might have to glue some feathers on our T-Rex!

Do tell...what's your favourite dinosaur?


  1. My three, especially my boy, would love to do this. And it is so easy peasy to set them up with! We have some figurine dinos just not the pool shell...unfortunately our Golden Retriever chewed it up as a pup...but they are only quite cheap so i may go buy one and some sand...will see if i can talk my hubbie into it this weekend. Another great idea x
    Oh and my fav dino is the Triceratops:)

    1. The shell pits are great. Don't last long in the Darwin sun, though.
      Triceratops is my favourite too xx


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