Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Indigenous Inspired Art

I'd seen the idea for painting with cotton buds on Pinterest a while ago.
So, after a recent school holiday visit to The Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery we decided to try our hands at painting using the dot technique we saw in many pieces of Indigenous art. 

I tried to copy the circles and trails in some of my favourite pieces. 
Liam wanted to make a robot face. 

 And Hamish practiced making dots. 

It was lots of fun, though three year olds struggle with the idea of one cotton bud per paint colour.  So plan on using more than you think!
What's your favourite painting technique?  Any tips for painting with kids?


  1. Very good! Another hidden talent perhaps?
    Boys did a good job too!!
    If we get our paints out (always do outside!) i just let them go for it...provide paintbrushes, sponge or fingers are always fun too.
    I would never think of doing this! haha
    Your kids are very lucky to have such a wonderfully, creative, ingenius, nurturing Mumma to raise them:)

    1. Aw, thanks, Kelly. This mumma gets most of her ideas from Pinterest 😉


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