Monday, 25 February 2013

Valentine's Decorations

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
It's not really done in Australia other than cards, chocolates and/or flowers for the one you love.  Maybe a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant if you're lucky. 

It's certainly not celebrated to the extent you see in American films. Or on Pinterest

But, this year, I decided to join the party and make a few decorations to share the love.
Our dining room buffet got a few hearts...
Yes, that is an All Blacks Lithograph in my dining room.  It was Hubby's birthday present last year and he loves it so much.  No, it's not staying there for ever- just until I can find somewhere else to stick it display it lovingly.

I made some easy, easy decorations.  Felt heart garlands threaded on to ribbon...

Brown paper hearts machined stitched with red thread...

And the jars!  I loved these jar lanterns when I saw them and they are so easy to make.

Jar + doily + heart + twine = gorgeous!

And they looked pretty fabulous at night too...

These gorgeous map hearts were made by my talented mum for Rohan's "Oh, the places you'll go" themed first birthday party and naming day. The colours look great in my kitchen.   I hung a bunch of them over my kitchen window, but this is the only photo that turned out...

I did a bit of a love art on the chalkboard wall as well...
So, were you lucky enough to get dinner out?  Flowers?


  1. love it! love the jars too esp when illuminated! Who thought doilies could create such wonderfully romantic ambience on the walls/room? Gorgeous effect isn't it.
    I awoke that morning to find a bunch of flowers left for me before my husb went off to work (he had left them hidden all night in his car after picking them up on his way home from work the ev before) and I also put on a lovely little V Day romantic family dinner, as you do when you have 3 little ones about on V Day! We had a yummy dinner accompanied by a nice bottle of red (for the adults of course) accompanied by some Wine tunes from around the world (one of those cds from Loot Homewares) and some love heart banner I recently bought from Spotlight draped over our doorway with some heart sprinkles over the white tablecloth I dug out for the occassion. Not quite as much effort as yours, but still felt nice to make an effort all the same. It's the little things like this that I believe our families will remember one day, and probably pass down the want to also go to the same efforts for their own little families one day perhaps?

    1. Totally agree. It's great to show your kids that it takes a bit of effort to make a relationship work and that everyone likes to know how much they're loved. S xx

  2. What a lovely idea. Spurred me into thinking about a trip to spotlight to pick up some supplies. Thank you xx


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