Monday, 4 March 2013

Monthly Organising Challenge: Kitchen

Okay, so I'm a bit late on this one.  February's iheartorganising challenge was the kitchen.  Frankly, 28 days was nowhere near long enough for me to reorganise the kitchen!

I have made progress, though.  I started out by rethinking how everything was stored.  Why were my small appliances in three different cupboards?  Did it make sense to put all the items I use for baking in the one place?  Isn't it better to have a tea and coffee zone with mugs, kettle and condiments all together?  Then I rearranged.  And moved things again (and again!) until I got it right.

Today I'm just going to show you the pantry.  Here is my gratuitous before shot...
Mostly well organised, just messy - and needing a fine tuning in the placement items to maximise the space.  And to get rid of those hideous yellow labels!

I started by moving the baskets into the middle of the shelves.  This freed up the sides and allows me to use the baskets more like drawers.  I have eight - Baking & Seasoning, Baby Food, Oils & Vinegars, Meals, Spreads, Snacks, Potatoes and Spares (for all those extras you get on special).  The baskets also make it easier to clean up, especially the oils and sticky spreads.

Then I reorganised the jars.  These gorgeous things are the Olde English range by Maxwell and Williams.
The items I use a lot of were placed into the biggest jars, and those I'm using less off (like sugar - more on that in another post) in smaller jars. Then I placed those jars containing similar items together, such as my baking goods...

The labels were simply made in Word using the template for the Avery adhesive labels.  Then I cut them out to fit the jars and/or into shapes with a bit of interest.

Anything attached with a mini wooden peg makes me smile.

My cans are now organised according to type in these fridge bins that are actually designed to store soda cans in the fridge.  Sadly, they don't stack, so at the moment they are separated by cutting boards!  Also, Howard's Storage World only had five, so I'm waiting and using the time to see if I can make use of some more to keep the kids mini snack tins - baked beans, spaghetti and tuna - as well.

Here's the after...
A more efficient use of space and so much prettier!  Though, I may need to move the garlic and potatoes up - my 14 month old likes to crawl into the pantry and eat them!

Next challenge - the spice rack!  Any tips?

You can see last month's Home Office Challenge results here.

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  1. Oh wow! I am impressed! Suddenly my kitchen seems like a huge mess!!!

    1. Thanks, Nuria. It helps to have inspiration and motivation from an outside source! Jen Jones' is amazing for both. I'm loving these monthly challenges.

  2. OMG! Looking at those pics for me was like looking at porn would be for a male...i now feel the need to do a pantry overhaul. Starting. TODAY.
    (I keep my spices in something I was given from my Dad one year from Maxwell Williams too, he got it from Robins Kitchen. I shall send you a pic. Why did i spend $ on Tuppaware sticker labels when i could have just done what you did!??? Why!!!!?????
    p.s. love those jars x

  3. )end bracket after 'i shall send you a pic'
    p.p.s. I dislike bad grammar;)

    1. Kelly! LMAO!! You're right, though. This organising stuff makes me super happy too. Would love to see your rack 😉 S xx


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