Monday, 18 March 2013

Shape Maze

Here's a fun activity that requires very little preparation and equipment... a Shape Maze.
Start with a nice flat surface that you can draw on with chalk. (My kids were so excited by this activity they even swept the area for me first!)

Have the kids choose a shape and go to town drawing them all over your space. This provided a great opportunity to talk about the features of each shape - their names, number of sides, and number of angles.  Some of our shapes had to be "fixed" to make sure all sides were the same etc.
We tried to put one of each shape type in each "row".   Our rows really only came about because we made our maze on a paved area.
Then take turns jumping through your maze choosing only one type of shape at a time. It is important to take turns as more than one person jumping can cause collisions!
You'll find you end up with at least one shape that is an "easy" path and one that's a "challenging" path.   One of ours was so hard to jump through we had to add extra diamonds!
So, there you have it!  Great for shape recognition, a bit of exercise, and, if you can draw the maze undercover, it works really well on a rainy day when you've all had enough of being inside!

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