Monday, 8 April 2013

A Belated Easter Post

Easter this year kind of got lost in amongst the frenzy of birthdays, party planning, prop making and cake decorating.  We did, however, take a bit of time out to observe our regular traditions. 

After waking up to discover what the Easter Bunny brought us, we had fun with a little egg hunt. It's way too hot up here to hide real chocolate eggs in the backyard, so we hide these cute little cardboard numbers that I found in Crazy Clarke's Discount Store a couple of years ago.   They came in a kit with masks to colour, cardboard baskets and "this way" arrows all for around $2!
When the boys have found the correct number of their assigned eggs, they exchange them with me for a variety of goodies. Chocolate eggs, of course, sometimes we decorate biscuits and this year, in a feeble attempt to minimize the amount of sugar consumed, I added a few Lego mini-figures into the mix. 

Then Grandad joined us for a lovely family Easter lunch of roast lamb and vegetables with homemade mint sauce followed by a decadent gluten free chocolate brownie.   (I did say my efforts to avoid sugar were feeble!)
I also added a couple of other additions that I've been longing to do since the advent of Pinterest. An Easter tree...

 As well as some Easter bunting...
I made this by photocopying some pages - fittingly from the novel Chocolat (I can't bear the thought of tearing up a book, no matter how good the end result looks!) - and glued a few egg shaped scrapbook papers to them before pegging to some ribbon. 

Rohan enjoyed his first taste of chocolate too...
Hope you had a lovely Easter.


  1. What a lovely post! Love the Easter Bunting!! And Rohah's cake pictures are so cute!! xx


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