Monday, 29 April 2013

Date Night Strategy

Hubby and I went on a date last week.  These are rare events and usually only happen under the cover of darkness when every one - except our babysitter - is asleep and no one can notice us leaving. 

So, we've always gone out for a late dinner or caught a late session of the film we want to see.  Sadly, though, we're getting way too just a bit too old tired and busy for late dates on a school night!

Part of the reason for our covert ops is because Mr 4 is having real issues with me going anywhere without him.  He gets very distressed and I have a hard time enjoying myself when all I can think of is that hysterically sobbing face begging me not to leave him.

Until now!  I found this fantastic idea from The Dating Divas via Pinterest.  A special activity that can only occur once Mum and Dad have left for their date packaged in an envelope.

For the entire afternoon, this envelope was sitting on the kitchen bench holding promises of fun and excitement.  When it was time for us to go I braced myself for the onslaught of tears.  Instead I got, "Bye, Mum!  Bye, Dad! Can we open it now?"  Success!

When we came home (Iron Man 3 was awesome, by the way), our babysitter was able to report that it the kids absolutely loved it!  This may be because I broke our 'No Sugar' rule for them to play this game.  So, what was it?
A game called "Don't Eat Pete!" The game board is printed straight from The Dating Divas site and all of the instructions are on the board.  I just had to print it, pop it in the envelope with a packet of M&Ms and make the front of the envelope look exciting!

Basically, you take turns being "it".  The other players choose one square to be "Pete" and put an M&M on each square.  "It" gets to start eating the M&Ms until they try to eat "Pete" when the other players shout "Don't eat Pete!"

My boys raved about it all the next day.  They even saved a few M&Ms so they could play it with us that night!  I'm definitely going to be checking out their Kit Kat game for next time...


  1. What a cool idea! Barry and I really need to start a regular date night ... this makes it sound like it'll be fun for the kids too!

    1. Hana, I could not believe my clingy little guy just waved me good-bye! He didn't even know what was in the envelope! I think date night is so important, especially when you get time to talk uninterrupted. Ours, sadly, are rather sporadic.

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