Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Eric Carle!

Yesterday was Eric Carle's 84th birthday.  

When planning our school holiday activities I used Hana's Magical Days Activity Calendar to help choose a few themed days and I really wanted to celebrate this amazing author and artists special day.

For my boys it was a great excuse to have another Very Hungry Caterpillar lunch, and I thought it would be fun to try a few craft activities inspired by Eric Carle's work.

Unfortunately the stomach bug seems to be making it's way through family members, so our original plans of having friends join us for today's fun had to be cancelled.

I was of two minds about having the lunch at all, but in the end we had a scaled-down version for dinner seeing as I had all that food just sitting in the house.

The activities, however, were a fun way to perk us all up.

Firstly, we made a Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Tub.  
This was inspired by The Imagination Tree's amazing box which you can see here.

I was so reluctant to give the kids coloured rice to play with, especially Rohan (who's nearly 18 months).  He ended up only trying to eat it twice and I think it was more the unappetizing taste and texture that put him off more than me saying "Not food.  Just playing!"

We put lots of fun hungry caterpillar food items - some plastic and some of our gorgeous Ikea felt ones - as well as a few toys that fit the theme and some tools and utensils for scooping.
Rohan loved the sound and feel of pouring the rice.  Even the big boys had fun scooping, pouring, mixing and measuring.  We ended up getting a bigger box to try to contain the rice.  It didn't work!
While baby entertained himself making a mess, my next older two and I did some Eric Carle inspired collage.
We ripped, snipped and glued.

Liam (7) combined his caterpillar collage with some text and finer details.
Hamish (4) went for a more abstract approach.  Actually, I think he was ridiculously excited that I was actually letting him play with the scissors and glue!
I tried to copy a picture I'd seen online.
It was a nice fun distraction from the stomach cramps and vomiting!

Did you celebrate Eric Carle's birthday?  Which of his books is your favourite?

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