Friday, 14 June 2013

Train Day

In my last post I mentioned some of the themed days we've had and I thought I'd share some of these with you.  First up is one that has been a favourite and it's a really easy themed day with very little prep... Train Day.

After moving from a big city with a transport system that included a train network, seeing a train has become a bit of a novelty here in Darwin.  We do get to stop for the occasional freight train- those things are lo-ong! - but there is only one passenger train.  

Twice a week The Ghan arrives and then, the next morning, leaves Darwin on its way down through the middle of Australia and on to Adelaide.

I'm determined that one day I'll take the kids on it, even if it's only a bit down the track to Katherine.  (It's a very expensive train trip!)

Seeing the engine with Grandma this time last year
(This may be one of the only times we've needed a jumper in Darwin.  It was a very cool, windy dry season morning.)

We also like to make sushi for lunch- and serve it on a train, of course!  We use pieces from our Thomas the Tank Engine sets.  The plates balance very precariously on the back of Henry's coal car and Annie and Clarabel but it's so much fun. 

Then, with sated bellies, we set ourselves a building challenge with our tracks, like constructing the longest train track we can, or making a track that uses every single one of our pieces, or circumnavigating the center of our house in one big loop.

The only photos I could find of our train tracks were these...

That's Hamish (now 4) only a couple of months old looking on in the bouncy chair and little Liam aged three (now 7) doing the construction.  These were taken just after we moved- judging by the boxes outside!  Time really does go so very fast, doesn't it?

Anyway, afternoons can be filled with reading train stories, watching a few episodes of Thomas, or making our own train out of old nappy boxes (while Mummy vacuums!)... 
Here, they are nearly 4 and 1. 

Do you have train fans in your house?  How often do you get to take a train ride?

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