Saturday, 27 July 2013

Holiday Improv

Two of my boys went back to school this week. 

With both a Student Free Day and a Public Holiday it was only for three days but I still feel like I spent the entire week driving! I fear it may take a while to get back into our routine. 

As you know I had concerns about navigating the four weeks of school holidays with enough activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged the whole time. In the end, however, I needn't have worried because what ensued was such a necessary change of pace, such essential recharging of the batteries that we all enjoyed tremendously. I'm calling it Holiday Improv. 

You may experience it a lot. It's when your children actually find creative ways to entertain themselves. It doesn't occur very often in this house. We generally prefer the "but what can I do-oo?" whining approach. Particularly when anything with a screen is not an option for them.

I was so pleased that they were capable of it and would like to share some of our Improv joy with you.

Liam curated his own Dinosuar Museum - complete with realistic recreations of the natural environment and informative labels.  This dino-nerd Mum couldn't have been prouder!

The boys asked their Dad to make them cardboard swords.  Then the jigsaw came out!!
 The Three Musketeers were very happy with the result...
Hamish and Liam turned the trampoline into a giant Beyblades stadium...
Liam talked Michael into a handball competition...
They made a "Spy Kit" and went on secret missions...
They even volunteered to wash the car for me!  The highlight for them was standing on the roof to reach the bird poo.
They tried their hands at photography.  Isn't this shot of Liam's terrific? The rest of the pictures were mainly of each other's bottoms, but I'm focusing on the artistry of this one...
and Hamish and Rohan quite happily played with the Little People village.  Tragically, there were a number of fires...
Has your family been on school holidays?  Are your kids capable of entertaining themselves?

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