Friday, 12 July 2013

Lego Day

Last week we entertained ourselves with another themed day - Lego Day.

My boys enthusiasm for Lego comes and goes and, seeing as it had been a while since our last good Lego building session, I decided to dedicate a whole day to some of the wonderful Lego activities I'd found on Pinterest.

I overcame the challenge of incorporating the themed days into our activity jars by making this calendar.
Each themed day has a particular colour, and on those days the kids choose that coloured-paper activity from the jars.  Lego day = the yellow paper in the jars.

We had three activities today- Let's Create, Let's Do and Let's Bake.

First up - Let's Create: Lego Challenges.

I chose four of my favourite Lego activities from Pinterest and created a challenges envelope. 
The boys had to pick one challenge at random and then complete it.
 We had "Create and play Lego Tic Tac Toe"...
"Complete the patterns". I made a series of patterns with different sized, coloured and shaped Lego for them to repeat across the board...
"Create a maze for a marble".  This was a big hit with Liam (7).  He kept making alterations to increase the level of difficulty and couldn't wait to show Dad when he got home from work.
I missed getting a photo of the final challenge, "Write with Lego in Playdough", so here's my original inspiration from
Then we had Let's Do: Balloon Powered Lego Car.

This involved building a car and using a balloon to get it moving.

Luckily for us, Grandad had sent a few presents up and we used the car kit with a few modifications to fit the balloon onto the back...
It worked really well at first, but the more we blew up the balloon the stickier and wetter the inside got - eww!
We tried making a smaller car too, which ended up being too light and got carried around by the balloon- funny stuff!

We ran out of time for Let's Bake: Lego Cookies.

I had planned to re-make these cookies that I decorated for Liam's Lego birthday party last year...
Super easy- store bought biscuits, coloured icing and mini M&Ms. 

Do you and your kids like Lego?  I've always loved building with it and borrowed my brother's Lego all the time.  Have you seen the amazing new Lego Friends series for girls?  I really, really want the Dream house for my birthday!

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