Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Let's Create - School Holiday Art Projects

The combination of school holiday activities, glorious dry season weather and my Mum visiting has resulted in a really lovely week at home.

We've been working our way through our activity jars (which have had a makeover- I'm addicted to spray painting!)

So far, we've completed the following Let's Create art projects...

Design your own robot.  Printables from picklebums.

Half self-portraits. I love Liam's Picasso style.  

Hamish decided the other half of his face should be a jelly fish!

Indigenous style dot paintings (for Territory Day)

Chalk Ice block driveway art.  These are one part cornflour, one part water and some food colouring frozen overnight.  We used our rocket ice block molds from Howard's Storage World.

 Oh, and if you missed our Eric Carle inspired collage it's here.

 Are you on school holidays?  How are you entertaining your kids?


  1. Love the robot idea, and the dot paintings. My pre-schooer isn't much for painting (like me) but I think we might even be able to do this! Thanks

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Sarah 😊


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