Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Today is International Teddy Bear's Picnic Day. 

I'd been contemplating putting a little morning tea party together since I'd seen this important celebration on Hana's Magical Day's Calendar.  The boys and I decided yesterday to go for it and invite a few friends around to join us.

A few simple decorations and some tasty Teddy Bear treats and we had ourselves a party.

Baskets, bears and red and white stripes...

(I ran out of time to iron the table cloths. Now, when I look at these photos the creases are all I can see!!)
We made a place setting for each friend..
 All of our bear friends came out to play...

We had some Teddy rolls...
 Beary bread...
 Bears in bed...
 Bear claw brownies...
 and bears driving cars... 
Oh, and I did some fruit too, but nobody wants to see fruit!
It was a yummy morning tea...

We also made a sensory basket for baby...
 and Liam taught the others to play "Teddy says" and "Teddy tip"...
Happy Teddy Bears Picnic Day!  And be careful if you're going near the woods today- those bears can party!


  1. Those treats look yummy! You're such a great crafty cook/mum/entertainer etc. And I sure would like to see the fruits! Can you post the recipes too for the treats? Please!

    1. Hi Carina,
      The recipes were all inspired by things I'd found on Pinterest. You can see my Teddy Bear's Picnic board at Let me know if any of the links aren't clear and I can explain how I made them.
      They were all so very easy to do.
      Thanks for reading and commenting- you've made my day!
      S x

  2. Hi Sarah! I love your teddy bears picnic - what a lot of thought you've put into it! Also, so glad you're making amazing use of the Magical Days Calendar! I love to see how you're celebrating. H xo

    1. The calendar is so much fun! My boys can't wait for Harry Potter's birthday.
      S x


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