Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday (and, as I found out this morning, J. K. Rowling's birthday too!)

When I saw this day featured on Hana's Magical Days Calendar, I knew it would be fun to cook up a little themed afternoon tea.  
We are a bit Harry Potter obsessed in our house at the moment.  Liam (7) and I have just finished reading the second book, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and on the school holidays I broke my "You-can't-see-the-movie-until-you're-old-enough-to-read-the-book" rule and let Hamish (4) watch the first film.

I was worried he'd find it a bit too scary - as Liam did when we watched it after reading the first book last year- but he loved it so much he wanted to watch it every day!  (It is a bit scary in parts.  They both have a couple of scenes where they come sit right next to me while peeking out their fingers at the screen!)

Ever since, Hamish has been dressed as Harry Potter every day.  He wears the glasses to Preschool and even drew a "lightning bolt" scar on his forehead! Note to self: put the felt-tipped markers on a higher shelf!

And so we had a bit of a birthday party for Harry Potter - and I think we'll end up making it a yearly tradition.  Reading the book first, of course, then watching the next movie.  Having experienced Harry Potter with my eldest son, I know that the books get subsequently longer and the films get quite dark quite quickly too, so one a year might be best.

This year we wanted to try some of the food they have on the train in the first book/film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

We made a Hogwarts banner...
Drank Pumpkin juice... (I steamed and pureed the pumpkin then mixed it with some store-bought Nudie brand Carrot, Apple and Orange juice).  I thought it was quite nice, but I don't think the kids could get past the "pumpkin" part. Cups were supposed to be House colours!

I found these super cute templates to make the Chocolate Frog and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans boxes.  They just needed printing, cutting, folding and gluing.

I popped a Freddo frog in the Chocolate Frog boxes (although, the giant Freddos were a bit too big to go in whole) and ordered some real Every Flavour Beans online- which sadly did not arrive on time.  Darwin and "Next Day Express Delivery" are mutually exclusive terms!  Still, it's only been a week... *sigh*

I made chocolate cupcakes, scooped out the middle and added some just-set jelly to make Cauldron Cakes...

 I also heated up some store bought Vegetable Pasties for the Pumpkin Pasties...
(You can just see our "Quidditch" gear set out below the table.  Hamish wrote instructions out too!)

This little guy had fun discovering jelly for the first time... 

 And my very own Harry Potter was a huge fan of the Chocolate Frogs...
We even did a spot of homework first.  Hermione would be pleased...
Then we watched the film.  

Liam liked it and only cuddled up next to me and peeked out his fingers right at the end (it is a very large snake!) 

Hamish fell asleep! (The soporific properties of too many Chocolate Frogs, perhaps?) 

Rohan has no interest in television other than Peppa Pig and Octonauts so- after the food was gone- he spent most the time in the playroom. (I would have taken him out in the scary bit, though!)

And Daddy and Michael made it home in time for the end of the movie (and to help eat the second batch of Pumpkin Pasties!)  

Here's hoping the rest of your week is magical!

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