Friday, 30 August 2013

Making Memories

My baby turned 20 months old yesterday.

He's just growing up WAY too fast and I'm trying hard to remember all the special things he does and the new things he learns- all through the fog that is the sleep deprived life of a parent of a young child/ren. 

I think one of the best things about the advent of technology like iPhones, iPads and other magical devises is the ease at which we can preserve our memories.

Kid doing something cute?  Whip out your phone.  Take a snap.  There's even a bunch of apps that can crop it, filter it and make it look amazing.  A record of that memory forever!  You can even now upload it to one of many social networking sights and share that memory with the world!  Amazing!

I'm constantly wishing it was this easy when my eldest son was younger.  It's been very hard tracking down photos of him to put into his scrapbooks. I'd have been able to share so much more of my amazing trip to Africa too back in 2001.  (I am, however, rather glad this technology did not exist whilst I was at High School or University.  Yikes!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers the days of taking a snap, waiting to finish up the roll of film, waiting until it was processed and only then discovering that your subject had, in fact, blinked.  Or moved.  Or poked his tongue out.

With my youngest son, I've chosen to keep a record of his growth and development by posting a photo a month.  

Some are simple snaps with a bit of text added to record his age.  Some are Pinterest-inspired works of art (in my humble opinion!) In most I've tried to showcase his development, achievements or interests.

It really has been so much fun and I love looking at how much my little angel has changed in those 20 months.

So, here's a little history of Rohan to hopefully make you smile...
Newborn perfection

Finding comfort
The birth announcements I never did get around to sending

Rolling over
Enjoying solid food
Sitting by himself

Loving books
Pulling himself up


 Really likes shoes

Do you love this new photo technology as much as me? 

Oh, and if you'd like to see some of the other memory-saving ideas I've collated see this Pinterest board.


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