Saturday, 14 September 2013


I started a bunch of different posts this week about turning thirty five. Yep, yesterday was my thirty-fifth birthday. 

I started a post about how our society has a misplaced stigma against aging and how, instead of denying my age, I would prefer to celebrate it. It felt too full of myself. 

I started a post about the fact that adults are really just children who owe money*. It felt too juvenile. 

I started a post about the wisdom that comes with age and experience and how poignant this is when you're parenting a young adult of your own.  It felt too "Young man, turn that music down!"

What I'm feeling right now is grateful. Grateful and content. 

I am blessed with the most wonderful family of unique, lovable and challenging men.  
I am married to my best friend and soul mate whom, I know, is as committed to making this family work as I am. 

I am healthy and able bodied and am more comfortable in my skin than I was twenty years and three babies ago!

I am finding joy in the role of full time mother and an intellectual challenge as I've plunged into the world of blogging. 

Quietly content and so very, very grateful. Wishing you a lovely weekend. 

* This is not my work but rather one of many awesome lines from a brilliant film called "Peter's Friends" written by Rita Rudner and starring Stephen Fry, Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. If you haven't seen it- Do!  Soon!

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