Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Art Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Pinterest you'll know that I've been consumed interested in playroom design and layout for the last couple of months.  

In spite of our painting plans being postponed, we have assembled our new IKEA "Expedits" and I've spent the last couple of weeks making my husband arrange and rearrange perfecting the placement of our new furniture.

Now, while I'm not yet ready to reveal the room in its entirety, I would like to give you a little peak at a little corner I've been working on that's making me insanely happy!

After deciding on the placement of our big wall unit, I was left with a little patch of wall.  
Looking at some of my favourite pins for inspiration made me realise it would be the perfect space for the kids to hang some more of their art work.

This site proved to be my biggest inspiration, along with this pin.  While I liked the bright colours used in both of these, I wanted to keep most of ours white and add a few pops of colour (which is my design approach to the whole playroom).

I had a good hunt through all my frames and craft supplies and found a great start - two frames, some canvases, wooden letters, wooden pegs and a bit of spraypaint!

I also had this height chart picture frame that I brought years ago and have never found quite the right place for.
In all I spent about $35 on the rest - I decided to forgo the 'hello" and purchase the more appropriate "PLAY" and "create".  (These are from Spotlight but you can get similar wooden letters here.)  There were also a few boxes of crayons (I like these ones), another can of paint (a pretty yellow this time) and some of those brilliant Command hangers to stick everything to the wall.

The top frame got a coat of white paint, as did the bottom panel which is actually the original backing to a frame I converted into a cork-board for my shared boys' room makeover.  The paint is pretty patchy but as these are going to covered by the kids art most of the time I'm not too bothered.  
A pair of pegs per frame got a quick spray too, then they were hot glued onto the frames.  I'm not sure how well this will hold but for now I've been super careful when opening them to peg up our artwork. 
The wooden letters and word and the three little canvases had a quick spray, along with the little plastic animals I chose to attach.  They've been hot glued to the canvases.

The melted crayon art was fun to do.  I followed this tutorial linked to on this site and used about 4 boxes of crayons to find around four of each colour.

I had a bit more splattering of melted crayon than I expected, but that may just be because I own a pretty powerful hair-dryer!
I am really thrilled with how it's turned out.

Add in a few of the kids' artistic efforts and this little patch of bare wall has become colourful, creative, functional art gallery for my budding Monet, Raphael or Picasso.
How do you display your children's artwork?


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