Monday, 9 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf - and why some of the ideas just don't sit well with me

We have an Elf on the Shelf.

His name is Scout.  Every morning we wake to find Scout in another cute position.  You've probably seen all these ideas online.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about these elves.  Some say cute and magical, others, well, kinda creepy.

I'm in the cute camp - but with some pretty firm limits.  Some of the ideas plastered all over the internet I think are just wrong and here's why...

The purpose of the Elf on the Shelf is to be a scout elf.  They spend the day observing the children and at night magically return to the North Pole and report to Santa.

So, if their sole purpose is to keep the big guy updated as to the naughty/nice status of the children in their family, why, of why, are there all of these naughty elves out there?

So many of the ideas I'm finding on Pinterest have the elf making a mess, wrapping the Christmas tree in toilet paper, drawing on walls or being attacked by other toys!

Is it not hypocritical that an elf who checks on childrens' behaviour is performing the very acts that would land any kid firmly on the naughty list?

In our house, things are a bit different.

In our house Scout is cute. 

He does cute things.

He makes us laugh.

And he helps us celebrate the joy of the holiday season.

Do you have an elf?  Where's the cutest place you've found yours?


  1. I have such mixed feelings about Elf on the Shelf. Mostly, I'm in your camp, he's cute as long as he's doing cute things. But our kiddo gets scared so easily, I am worried she's going to see him as more of an intruder than a harmless toy, so we haven't gotten one, yet. (Plus, it's one more thing to do each night--I didn't get the advent calendar filled until Dec. 4! What if Elfie ended up in the same position for three days??) Still, I love seeing all the creative ideas that people come up with for him, and these are great pictures!

  2. I like what you're doing with yours. I also like the idea of the elves doing kind, helpful things to help us get ready for Christmas. Although I love the idea, we don't have one & I too am reluctant to give myself another nightly job!

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