Sunday, 5 January 2014

The two rules for an insanely Organised Kitchen

The New Year always makes me keen to get my house in order and put into place systems of organisation.

Last year, I took part in a couple of the iheartorganizing challenges.  I got the Home Office done, and then tackled a major overhaul of my Kitchen.  You can see what I did here.

Doing that reshuffle - and living with it for nearly twelve months - has led me to conclude that there are two rules to an having an insanely organised kitchen.

They are: 

1. Group like items together 

2. Choose appropriate storage

Grouping like items:
When re-oganising my kitchen last year I put all like objects together.  I now have a cupboard for glassware, crockery, appliances, plastic storage containers, baking dishes, tea & coffee making and cooking utensils.

The same rules apply to the pantry and the fridge/freezer.  

My pantry looks very much like it did a year ago, but with different baskets that were a better fit for the space (these are from Woolworths)...  

The items remain organised in the same way.  Cereals and First Aid Box are on the top shelf, baking supplies on the next two.  The fourth shelf down contains everything need to prepare meals- things like pasta, sauces and oils.  I have spreads, snacks and crackers all together on the fifth.  Spare items, refills and things not regularly accessed are packed away on the bottom shelf.  

In last year's post I was getting some more holders for my tin foods.  I now have four groups of these three Can Storage Holders from Howard's Storage World.  (I've used a bit of cut board so they'll stack).  They fit perfectly on the sides of the pantry and fit four 400g tins each...
 The baskets hold Baking & Seasoning, Baby Food, Oils & Vinegars, Meals, Spreads, Snacks, Potatoes and Spares.

In the fridge, I've done the same. When it comes to the jars in the door, all sauces, mustards, jams & pickles have a place.

I've even gone so far as to use plastic containers to separate my fruits.  This makes it so easy to see at a glance what we need more of...

Choose appropriate storage:
Once you've grouped your like items together, you need to decide the best way to store them.  And don't forget labels, where necessary! 

If all of your appliances in the same cupboard, add a box for all those extra attachments that go with them.

I put all of my baking tray, tins and molds in one draw then added my cookie cutters, cake decorating supplies and cupcake wrappers in suitably sized and labelled storage boxes...

The Territory's humidity, insects and my mild OCD mean I like to put all my pantry items into sealed containers. I prefer glass because they allow you to take inventory at a glance.  These Maxwell & Williams Olde English jars were a wedding present...
The top shelf of the fridge was a mess of jars.  I know a few people who've had success with a lazy Susan, but I'm just loving these baskets with handles from Howard's.  They keep everything contained and pull out easily. 
The top shelf now contains curry pastes, baking supplies and medications.  I've also added a larger sized basket for cheeses too.
The freezer has had a similar treatment with the baskets.  I have one for cooking supplies (did you know ginger, bay leaves and Kaffir lime leaves all freeze well?), gluten free breads, fruits and vegetables.
I use the freezer drawers to store individual-sized containers of leftovers that Hubby takes to work for lunch.  (I'm also lucky enough to have a second freezer for bulk meat and extra loaves of bread).
So, there you have it!  The two simple rules to keep your kitchen organised and they are surprisingly easy to maintain.

This year, I've decided to give The Organised Housewife's organising challenge a go.  You can follow along as I attempt to declutter 52 things in 52 weeks here on Facebook.


  1. You're pantry looks amazing!

    1. Thank you, Kristie! Not sure how I missed your comment back in June but I really appreciate you visiting and taking the time to leave a message. Sarah : )

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