Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Sixth Birthday Lego Party

We are only six weeks away from the first family birthday of the year.   

Usually, I’m in full planning mode already by now, but trips to Perth, starting the new school year and redecorating have got me a little behind.

Just before I plan a party for my kids I like to reminisce about the year before.  A really great thing about having this blog as my personal, online scrapbook is that reviewing the kids’ birthdays is as simple as clicking on a link.

Liam, who turns 8 this year, had a seriously awesome SecretAgent party last year.  So, I thought I’d travel a little further down memory lane and share his 6th birthday party with you.

As we were experiencing a bit of a Lego-craze at the time (that hasn't really abated to be honest), he chose to have a Lego themed party.  
This was the first year we tried balloons on the mailbox and, after this party, we learnt a valuable lesson about attaching them securely to the mailbox.  I didn’t even get a photo of them before they floated away!

We did, however, have a giant Lego block to greet our guests at the front door...

I found a Lego font online when making the invitations and used it to make this birthday banner...

I am disappointed I didn't take a photo of the invitation (oh, the days before blogging!).  It was really cool.  We printed a tri-fold card with flip-back sections so that you could mix and match the parts of a Lego mini-figure and turn him into a party-ready Lego mini-figure.

Anyway, back to the party.  We played a few Lego-themed games, even though the boys seemed perfectly happy to run around like madmen in the backyard.

There was a Lego treasure hunt.  We hid Lego Duplo blocks in the backyard - three per guest.  Each child had to find only three and there was a prize for the person who's three blocks added up to the most number of points.

We had Lego-themed Pass-the-parcel and a highest Lego tower in 90 seconds building competition.  The winner had an amazing technique of clipping flat Lego side-ways.  Definitely thinking out of the box!

The prizes for each game were Lego Textas and a small Lego set in the middle of pass-the-parcel.

Most of the food was all Lego themed...

Lego Vegemite Sandwiches...

Lego Pepperoni Pizza...

Lego head cake pops (which didn’t cope with the heat very well)...

Lego Cookies.  These are so easy - ice rectangular store-bought biscuits and add matching coloured m and ms!

Lego Cupcakes.  I found a Lego-shaped mold online and used it to make chocolate bricks out of coloured white chocolate.

We even served the chips in our Lego head...

 ...and drew Lego-man faces on our cups...

The cake also struggled with the heat.  This is, actually, the last time I’ve attempted to use butter cream frosting on birthday cakes up here in the heat.
Don't you love how they all try to blow out the candles...
We sent our guests home with some Lego goodies in Lego-shaped bags, of course...
Each bag held a small Lego set, a personalised Lego-themed colouring book, another Lego Texta, Lego-shaped erasers, a lollypop, another Lego cookie and a mix of Lego-shaped chocolates and jellies. (Did you know you can make your own lollies?  I can't remember the link I used but the recipe is the same as this one.  Easy, yum AND gluten free!)
Do your kids love Lego too?  I'm off to plan this year's Ninja Turtles celebration!


  1. Love this, how clever. The last kids party we had here, was a joint 'Minute to win it' party for our 2 older boys. They loved it, total hit. Wasn't too difficult either, and being 10 & 11 at the time, with all those boys in my house we really needed to keep them busy. So much fun. xx

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