Monday, 24 February 2014

Aunty Sarah

I'm an Aunty!

This gorgeous little creature entered the world last Thursday...
She arrived at 2:34pm and weighed 6lb10oz. 

I am amazed at how overwhelmed with love I am for this tiny creature I've not even met yet!  She's been a part of my heart since the moment I learned of her existence. 

Part of the reason I'm so excited about my new role as an Aunt is that I've been privileged enough to witness some very special Aunties and the relationships they have with their nieces/nephews.  My cousin is so very close to her beautiful niece and my boys absolutely and completely adore my sister-in-law. 

It's a such a wonderful relationship made up of fun, silliness, secrets and that blood bond of unconditional love. 

I am quite determined to be a super-cool, incredibly fun Aunt.  I keep picturing the scene in the (best ever) TV show, Friends, when Monica introduces herself to her new nephew Ben and says "I'm your Aunt Monica and I...will always have gum!"

Welcome to the world, sweet Hayley Louise.  I promise to love you forever.


  1. Oh lovely! A baby is always a blessing. I became an aunt for the first time last year. It took me a while to clue onto this fact, but once I did, oh it is just so special. To love and hold a baby, without the perpetual worry and concern. It is wonderful to be able to give them back. But, I have also loved being able to support my sister in this new way. I have loved that she now suddenly has a glimpse of understanding for me as a mother. It has made us better sisters. I am so happy for you, getting to start another journey. xS

  2. Aww bless how cute! I have two very doting sisters who LOVE my 3 angels, but I would like them to hurry up and have kids so I can get my baby fix because we're not having another one! Congrats Aunty

  3. Oh congratulations lovely. Always nice to hear of a new life beginning.

  4. She is beautiful! It amazes me how we instantly fall in love with babies. Pure innocence.


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