Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Curse of the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl has become a bit of a family tradition.  You can see last year's party here.

It started from my husband and son's mutual love of playing Madden on the X-Box and has, of course, become a themed-celebration with appropriate snacks and decorations.

The problem is, however, that we don't always have the football.

Allow me to explain.  The game is played on a Sunday night in the US, so here in Australia it is broadcast on Monday morning.  As our Mondays are full of work, school and general 'busyness', we have to record the game and watch it when everyone gets home.  And that's where our problem lies.  The recording or - as has become the yearly curse - lack of recording.

For about the last four years now we have experienced some sort of disaster with our recording device/s that has resulted in half the game missing!  Last year, we recorded it perfectly but did not account for the fact that an unexpected blackout in the stadium would mean the game ran for longer than expected.

This year, same thing.  For some inexplicable reason our 8GB Memory stick was not long enough and stopped recording after an hour and a half of play!  Thank-goodness for downloading and brothers who can guide one through the process.  Two hours of frustrated computer effort later I had the whole game, Hubby had returned the rotten chicken-wings purchased only the day before (almost more of a disaster than the lack of football!), fresh ones were roasting in the oven and we were ready to cheer for Denver.

We had our 7 layer dip...

Roasted potato skins with sour cream and chives...

And a whole lot of Buffalo chicken wings...
By half time we were so full that we'll be having more wings, Football pizzas, Brownies and Apple Nachos for dinner tonight! (Diet starts today tomorrow!)

The half time show was fun.  We danced to Bruno...

...and pretended to be the Chili Peppers...

And so, the curse of the Super Bowl was thwarted.  Hubby is talking about buying a Blu-Ray Recorder but I think next year we'll all just take the day off!

Such a pity that the Broncos didn't seem to realise there was a game on...

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