Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A cruel and heartless world

I've starting writing a number of blog posts in the last two weeks.

Posts about school holiday fun, the dinosaurs at the museum, the boat trip we went on with Grandma.

And, then, when I'm part way through - or ready to post - I find myself wondering if it's appropriate to do so.

Is it insensitive to post about our how much we enjoyed the T-Rex on the same day that the father of three little girls is convicted of killing their mother?

Is it acceptable to post about delicious muffins we made when there are so many cases of child abuse and neglect?

Is it inconsiderate to want to share our cruise on the harbour when there is continued war, wars starting up again, poverty and aeroplanes being shot out of the sky?!?

I started wondering if my posts were trivial.  Inconsequential fluff in this cruel and heartless world.

Did that make my days trivial too?  This work that I do everyday to make my children's world loving, nurturing and maybe just a little bit magical.

Then I remembered this quote...
That's my job.

That's what I do. 


That's what I'm sharing with you.

I hope you're here because you see the value in it too.

(Sending a lot of love and sympathy into the world right now xx)

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