Friday, 4 July 2014

A Fifth Birthday Ninja Party

There were a lot of ninjas sneaking about the George Brown Botanical Gardens last April.

If you're a long-term reader of the blog you may recall from my party sneak peak post that Hamish chose a Ninja theme this year. I had so much fun putting together all of my favourite ideas for this one and I'm SO thrilled to be finally sharing it with you.

We chose to have the party in the Botanical Gardens because of their amazing Children's Garden.  Along with a mini-maze, mosaics and fossils, it has this incredible tree-house which I knew would look great decorated with birthday banners and paper lanterns...

It also has this spot, on a raised boardwalk, which was perfect for the eating part of the party.
Between the tree-house and the boardwalk is a bamboo forest just perfect for little ninjas to hide in...

We set up a Japanese-style low table with cushions to sit on. This is actually three coffee table rather wonkily joined together and covered with one long roll of plastic tablecloth.

The place settings were one of my favourite things.
Each of our ninjas were presented with a special training headband. Looking back I wish I'd sewn the hems, but these are just strips of calico with the Japanese characters for ninja and a ninja star drawn on with a couple of Sharpies.

Just after we had completed the setting up of all the decorations, and all of our ninja trainees had arrived and each had been adorned with their ninja training headbands and started to play- it rained.

It rained a lot. 

Unless you live - or have lived - in The Territory, I don't think you can fully understand just how much rain can fall in a fifteen minute period.   

We got a bit wet, realised it was going to be one of those monsoonal downpours, then covered the table with some extra table cloth (I'm SO glad I decided to order the really long roll instead of two smaller tablecloths!) We then headed for the nearest shelter.  

The kids LOVED it.  I only snapped this one blurry shot on my phone, as I packed the camera away when the rain hit.  Fortunately, it only lasted those 15 minutes and it sure helped to cool us all down. April is still steamy up here.
After the rain cleared, we had afternoon tea.  

I kept it simple with three savory and three sweet options. (Excuse the dreadful photography - I was more worried about how soggy everything was!) We had Sushi rolls and Teriyaki Chicken Skewers...
"Ninja Star" Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.

Cupcakes (the origami ninja stars - along with my beautiful place settings - got destroyed in the rain).
Hamish's favourite was the sweet sushi - LCMs, jelly fish that I made and a strip of Roll-up to hold them together. (And a few "sushi" rolls with the off-cuts!)
And my personal favourite - Ninjabread Men...
Lots of contended ninjas...
The kids had a lot of fun running around crazy and getting mucky. Liam kindly let himself be the "bad" ninja that the little ones got to chase!

Fortunately, the cake survived being hastily covered in the rain...
Happy birthday, my sweet ninja xx

I love this shot! They are so keen to get a bit of cake, I was worried about fingers.  Rohan's got his tongue hanging out ready. Eyes on the prize!
Our very soggy guests went home with some takeaway bags.

They were filled with bubbles, Hello Panda biscuits (yum!), lucky candy, Chicos and Raspberries.

In the end, the rain didn't put a dampener on our ninja's spirits- it made it all the more fun.

I think this may be even be my favourite party yet!

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