Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dino Fever

We’re a little bit crazy about dinosaurs here at the moment.

Back at the start of June, I set up the playroom with some dinosaur-themed activities and I have a two-and-a-half year old who has been captivated ever since. So much so we've left these activities out for a second month.

It was a bit fortuitous that the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory happened to have a Dinosaurs Alive! display happening at the same time.

The kids and I went during the school holidays. Now, as a bit of a dinosaur fan myself I've seen my fair share of dinosaur exhibits and I found this one a little disappointing with its plastic and hessian covered, temporary fencing - but the kids loved it!

They had seven different robotic dinosaurs including my favourite, Triceratops...

and an Apatosaurus..
Random fact: Did you know that flying reptiles, like Pterosaur, aren't technically dinosaurs?

They also had a few other activities set up under a tent. Digging for fossils in sand...

Dinosaur puzzles...

and colouring over raised dinosaur templates...
You could even compare foot-size with a T-Rex...

Hamish and Rohan dressed the part.  I'm sure they can’t see anything through those binoculars, but they sure tried!

The highlight for all of us was Mr T-Rex.
He roared, blinked, moved his head and swished that big ol' tail from side to side.

Important life lesson – never expect a two year old to smile for the camera when there’s a giant Tyrannosaurus behind him.
If you're in Darwin and interested in heading along to the Museum, the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit is only on until the fourth of August. Tickets can be purchased online through the entertainment centre.

So, tell me- What's your favourite dinosaur and why?

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