Thursday, 3 July 2014

Eric Carle's Birthday

Well, school holidays are keeping me very busy and we had a bit of fun last week celebrating Eric Carle's Birthday.

Last year, to mark the occasion, we did some collage artwork inspired by the author's gorgeous illustrations and made a sensory tub for 18 month old Rohan.

We've also been known to enjoy Very Hungry Caterpillar luncheons and make caterpillar-themed craft.

This year we decided to invest in a new Eric Carle book and we chose The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. 

We read the book together and this led to lots of discussion. We asked... Why is he so grumpy? Is he really looking for a fight? Why was the other ladybird always so nice to him? What are aphids? There would be so many different themes and activities that this book could lead to.

Time is another feature - the book has a clock on most of the pages and time is referred to throughout the story.  There are lots of age appropriate conversations and activities around time.

Rohan (2.5) was able to point to and say "Clock", Hamish (5) was able to tell me the times on the hour and Liam (8) was able to talk to me about the twelve hours that pass and how long it takes to fly past a whale - in fifteen minute increments. 

We even made a couple of simple clocks like this one that Hamish brought home from school...

For lunch we made Ladybird Pizzas.  The kids were adamant they did not resemble ladybirds in the slightest.  What do you think?

They tasted pretty good, anyway!

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