Thursday, 10 July 2014

World Cup Fever!

If you follow Stay at Home Territory on Facebook, you'll know that we've been enjoying a few International Food Nights to help celebrate the Soccer World Cup.

I wrote about how International Food Night started - coincidentally with another Soccer World Cup - in this post here.

So far we've "visited" the countries that the Socceroos have faced in the pool matches.

After the match against Chile, we made a traditional stew called Cazuela...

Messy looking, but delicious, warming comfort food. You can find the recipe here.

We followed it up with some Cocadas.  These are like coconut macaroons with a caramel twists and were so delicious I didn't even get a chance to take a photo! The recipe is here.

Next, we visited the Netherlands. We followed a previous favourite recipe for Draadjesvlees - a Traditional Dutch Slow-Braised Beef.  We served with a traditional vegetable mash called Knolselderijstamppot (Celeriac Mash). In the past we have also served it with Rode Kool Met Appeltjes (Red cabbage with apples) and cinnamon glazed carrots. Did you know that carrots were originally purple?  It was the Dutch that bred an orange version in honor of their national colour.

Then, we went to Spain. I read some great tips on how to make the perfect paella here and we headed out to the barbeque to fire things up. Hamish was a great helper...

We decided to do a dessert at the last minute and I found this recipe for Polvorones - a traditional, crumbly, almond biscuit that converted to gluten free pretty well.
With the semi-finals now over, excitement is mounting for the Grand Final and third place playoffs. Why not get in on the act with an International Food Night of your own?

Will you choose to cheer on the Netherlands or Brazil for third place?  If you'd like to put your support behind the host nation, you can see our Brazilian International Food night here.

We celebrated Argentina not long ago when they played the All Blacks, so will probably buy some Knackwurst and serve it with Sauerkraut and throw our support behind Germany. The boys will most likely talk me into a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte too!

If you'd like to support Argentina, comment below and I'll send you all the amazing recipes we used for a traditional, multiple course Asado (barbeque) with a Tres Leches (Three Milk) Cake for dessert - Yum!  

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