Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Duckabout - Darwin Harbour Cruise

One of the best things about having visitors come to stay is getting the opportunity to be a tourist in your own town. And- since we now have a seriously awesome Guest Room- we've had a lot of visitors!

My Mum came for a quick visit during the school holidays and we decided to go on a cruise on Darwin Harbour – in a duck!

"Jemima" is a LARC – an amphibious vehicle painted to look like a duck. (By the way LARC stands for Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo)

Check out the size of those tyres!

Duckabout run a few different tours- we chose a Splash 'n Dash.  
The tour starts in town and makes it’s way past a few of the city’s interesting sites before heading past the museum and driving straight into the water!

The car to boat thing was pretty awesome.

Then we went out sailing. Past the museum.  
Past Mindil beach - looking quieter than I've ever seen it!

Then, the highlight for me...Seeing heaps of beautiful dolphins frolicking around the boat.


Our guide and driver were informative, enthusiastic and funny. They even had a crocodile skull for us to look at.  
Apparently about 300 crocodiles are removed from Darwin Harbour every year- Yikes! And those people six photos up were water ski/tubing- Double Yikes!

Then they let the kids drive the boat!
Then, when our time was up, we headed back onto land and returned to the city. 

Driving past the Botanical Gardens on the way back into town inspired us to check out the new cafe.  
Lots of organic, gluten-free foods mean this little duck will be heading back there soon.
 We also saw a rather large local resident.  Can you make it out along the length of the branch? Huge!
 I kept my distance.
P.S. This is not a sponsored post.  I was not paid or reimbursed for my comments. My very generous Mum shouted this trip for us while she visited. 'Cos she's awesome like that. It was a lot of fun, though, especially for the kids and I highly recommend it!


  1. We'll have to do this trip next time we're in town. Looks like serious fun. Love the dolphin photos.

    1. Definitely a must-do for your next trip, Carina! Will Skype as soon as I can get my internet issues sorted x

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