Monday, 4 August 2014

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Harry Potter!

We had our second annual Harry Potter Birthday Party on Saturday.

Last year - after reading the second book (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and having a little afternoon tea party on Harry's birthday while watching the film version - we decided to make this a yearly occurrence.  

After reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this year, we had so many great ideas for what to serve at our party.

In the book, Harry and his friends get to visit the local village of Hogsmeade.  Whilst in the village they visit The Three Broomsticks pub for a Butterbeer and,  our favourite, Honeydukes Sweet Shop.
In a feeble attempt to lessen the amount of sugar consumed we started the party with some pies and pumpkin pasties. The boys weren't as keen to dress-up this year, it was mainly about the food...
I made a popcorn-filled 'broomstick'...
And we washed our savouries down with some of The Three Broomsticks famous Butterbeer... 
I used the third recipe on this website - the one labelled the "not so simple but tastier recipe".  This used a mix of brown sugar, butter and rum essence stirred into some creaming soda with whipped cream on top.
For a family who don't have often have softdrink, this was incredibly sweet and a bit too sickly for the kids to drink.  I think the rum essence flavour put them off a bit too.

We enjoyed our lunch while watching the film...
...and put Rohan to bed just before the scary Dementor appeared on the train! 
 One part of the book we love is this description of Honeydukes...
"There were shelves upon shelves of the most succulent-looking sweets imaginable. Creamy chunks of nougat, shimmering pink squares of coconut ice, fat, honey-coloured toffees; hundreds of different kinds of chocolate in neat rows; there was a large barrel of Every Flavour Beans, and another of Fizzing Whizzbees, the levitation sherbet balls that Ron had mentioned; along yet another wall were 'Special Effects' sweets: Droobles Best Blowing Gum (which filled a room with bluebell-coloured bubbles that refused to pop for days), the strange, splintery Toothflossing Stringmints, tiny black Pepper Imps ('breathe fire for your friends!'), Ice Mice ('hear your teeth chatter and squeak!'), peppermint creams shaped like toads ('hop realistically in the stomach!), fragile sugar-spun quills and exploding bonbons."
So we tried to recreate Honeydukes on a smaller scale...
I made chocolate frogs boxes, like last year, and printed some collector cards too.
You may recall that last year I ordered some authentic Every Flavour Beans that didn't arrive in time to put into the boxes I made. Well, they did eventually arrive and while we were very impressed with the novelty of having a variety of disgusting flavours, we were very disappointed that it was only the disgusting ones we found in our packets. Out of all the beans in the three boxes we had only one "chocolate" and twelve "vomit". We did have a small nibble on some of the 'lesser' revolting flavours (earthworm, dirt and pepper) but ended up with pretty severe nausea and indigestion.

So this year I stuck with Gourmet Jelly Beans to pop in our boxes...
We had all the old favourites... well as a selction of items featured in the book (don't worry, they're not really Cockroaches in the Cockroach Clusters!)
The boys had a lot of fun choosing a selection of their favourites...

So. Much. Sugar! 

We gave the remaining treats away to the other children in our street but I feel like I'm still recovering from my sugar-hangover!

The Prisoner of Azkaban was always my favourite of the books, but I didn't like the film much at all and Liam seemed to agree with me. Hamish lost interest towards the end - it's quite dark, this film, and the story is a bit complex for a five year old.

Have you read the books? Which is your favourite? What do you think of the movies?

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