Wednesday, 17 September 2014

10 Alternatives to Traditional Lullabies

I love singing to my kids at bedtime.

I’m not renowned for my voice. I used to joke that my eldest son was faking falling asleep before I'd finished just to shut me up!

Still, there’s something very soothing and a little bit magical about the beautiful words of a peaceful song echoing through a darkened room before those final whisperings of 'good night' and last kisses to tiny foreheads.

Over the years, we seem to have allocated one song for each child that has become “their” regular bedtime song, but we still like to mix things up occasionally. I find "Hush little baby" can be a bit tiresome after the hundredth version, so some of our bedtime song choices may not be your usual slumber-time pics.

Here are our...

Reverse psychology at it’s best! This one is a winner.

Yep-another one from Mary. That Poppins woman knows her stuff!

“Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you” ...say no more.

Sometimes I wish I had a voice double, like Audrey did, but I’m getting better at this one.

The song John Lennon wrote for his son, Sean, is the perfect thing to sing to your boy/s. Mine like that I use their names at the end.

This is the most beautiful song. I change the lyrics to “in my baby’s eyes” and insert ‘he’ and ‘his’ where appropriate. It is, however, a challenge for me to get through that last verse without sobbing.

I wrote a whole post about how this song makes me reflect on my role as a mother and the importance of the task at hand. You can read it here.

My lovely in-laws discovered this one for me. When I ask my boys “How much does mummy love you?” they always reply “moon and back”  (If you don’t know why read this book asap) This one is by Dolly Parton. So sweet. I’m still learning this one.

You can leave out the Steve Tyler-style wailing and keep it quiet and soothing. This a beautiful song whether you sing it to your partner or babies. I don’t want to miss a thing, either.

I’m not a fan of Garth Brooks at all, but my Hubby likes a few of his songs as he grew up listening to them and this is the one he has sung to all four boys (with ‘he’ and 'him' inserted in all the right places). Hamish used to sing along with him when he was still sleeping in the cot – just beautiful.

Over to you now- what's your alternative lullaby of choice?

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