Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ten for Tuesday (x2)

I missed last week with the blog out of action, so this week's Ten for Tuesday is doubled!

1. More farm yard fun | 2. He's very taken with this book with real images | 3 & 4. We made our own bread and butter- fun and delicious! | 5. Anniversary flowers from my gorgeous hubby. Where have 12 years gone?

6. This guy lost his first tooth! An event overshadowed by... 7. ...a second surgery on his arm. He was absolutely terrified this time round. | 8. Subway makes everything better- even day surgery | 9. Avengers playdough set - winning!
10. Turning a nappy box into a race car | 11. They invented a new car- push the figures over the line with the race car to get points! | 12. This kid is horrible when he's hungry | 13. This kid started Kindy (I forgot to snap a picture during Kindy!) He loved it, was very hungry after and seems very troubled by this fish cracker!

14. Joy is weekends spent in the backyard... (these are their "she's got the camera out again" faces) | 15. ...and impromptu pyjama dance parties! | 16. Too many nice things at Missoni for Target- couldn't resist | 17. Firing up the new Kamado Joe BBQ | 18. Laksa love | 19. Planning some Halloween fun | 20. These two are getting lots of quality time together

How's your fortnight been?

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