Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. I'm keeping this guy home from school - for a number of reasons - until the cast comes off. He's driving me nuts! Week and a half to go! | 2. Lots of playing in pyjamas happening - they've been cooking up a storm. | 3. I bought this guy a watch so he'd know when to stop playing and come and meet me after school. He's now timing everything! | 4. This guy helped Daddy mow. SO cute!

5. Jamie Oliver's Insanity burgers and perfect chips- again! SO good! | 6. This month's bookclub book done in 20 hours. Could not put it down. | 7. I use 6 egg yolks in Tiramisu, seems only right to make... | 8. ...a six egg white Pav at the same time! | 9. We had friends over to christen the new BBQ and watch the Bledisloe - kids had so much fun together. | 10. Man, what a game. We had to watch the replay too. Never write-off the ABs. Feeling sorry for the Wallabies, though.  
 How's your week been?

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