Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Happy Halloween

Our Halloween celebrations are getting a little more elaborate every year.

This year our plans for a little party like last year's did not eventuate. The cast came off the broken arm Friday morning and we thought numerous sugar-fueled children running through the house might not be the best remedial therapy for a very stiff and still-a-bit-fragile arm.

Instead we kept it very low key.

We decorated the house...
That hole in the wall in the entry I haven't gotten around to getting fixed yet finally served a purpose! (Any Darwin peeps know a good plasterer?)
Carved a pumpkin...

We tried to use the fake spiderweb sparingly...

Decorated a gingerbread house and gingerbread skeletons (which were eaten before they could be photographed!)

And prepared little cauldrons of goodies for any Trick or Treaters that came to visit.

Then we dressed ourselves up.

Our neighbours popped in to help us eat all the gingerbread! 

And there was a lot running around and dancing to work off the sugar.

Happy Halloween! How did you spend the night?

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