Friday, 28 November 2014

Easy Ways to Makeover a Children's Bedroom

Remember when I did this bedroom makeover for my two middle boys who share a room?

One of the things I wanted to achieve was a room that could easily adapt to suit their changing interests. And, having just given it an easy makeover, I think I've done just that!

While dinosaurs are still cool, the bedding and canvases we had were getting a little too babyish. I also felt that there was just a bit too much colour and clutter going on in the room. 

So, I've made three simple changes and it's made a world of difference.
Firstly, I got rid of the dark blue curtains and replaced them with the same white timber venetian blinds that we are slowly putting throughout the house.

Instant facelift!

The bedside tables were already in our house and the lamp I saw at Target and just fell in love!

Secondly, I took advantage of a 30% off Cotton On sale to pick up some new bedding. I think the black and white is much more soothing.

...the super-cute alphabet bunting is from Cotton on too.

Finally, the gallery wall got a quick makeover by removing the dinosaurs and adding the cute superhero alphabet print, a Captain America image we printed out and the Typo arrow. I also gave their names a quick spray-paint to match the black, red and white we've now got going on.

I'm keeping the hints of green and navy blue for now, but I'm not convinced. What do you think?

And those drawers I wanted to ombre? Broken! So, all we need now is a new chest of drawers next time I hit Ikea and we are sorted. (I've decided that new carpet is something that will have to wait until there's nobody left to toilet train! Or until they've all moved out!)

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