Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. The cast came off! Still tender, but slowly getting back to normal | 2. Got sent this snap of handsome eldest son and seriously cute niece from his very sweet girlfriend - really need to see them all soon! | 3. New artwork for the boys' room makes me smile. They love it too - glass is covered in finger smudges! | 4. Caught up with hubby's cousin - how much does his little girl look like Rohan? Those curls!
5. Neglecting the housework and playing with this cutie - A pair of binoculars and some African animals and we are on safari!
6. His other favourite 'game' is washing the dishes. That Maria Montessori sure knew a few things. 
7. It's so steamy up here we are spending a lot of time in the spa - making whirlpools... | 8. ...and swimming underwater! Big deal for a kid who wouldn't put his head under only eight weeks (and a broken arm) ago. | 9. Un-freakin'-believably good. | 10. Purchased in order to work off #9!!


  1. Love that super hero print! Where did you get it from?

    1. You can get it here, Karin-
      I wanted the Star Wars one but the boys outvoted me!


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