Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. I've been reading a great book about introducing Math skills - here's some simple sorting. | 2. Building towers is our new favourite thing. | 3. Mummy's towers might suggest OCD.

4. Exploring the beach at the Darwin Waterfront. | 5. These two have the sweetest bond. | 6. My big brave boy is looking so very grown up lately.

7. We had dinner at our favourite restaurant - Chow. | 8. The boys had ice cream after. It's good weather for ice cream. | 9. Then we enjoyed a nice walk- well, he ran. You didn't think his pants stayed dry enough to wear did you?!?

10. I've found the best Vege Chilli recipe in It's All Good - the kids just gobble it up. I added pumpkin, capsicum and carrot. Not sure Gwyneth would approve of the cheese, sour cream and corn chips as well!
How's your week been?

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