Monday, 22 December 2014

Montessori Christmas Activities

I wanted to put together a post of all the amazing Christmas-themed Montessori activities I've seen online.  Then this piece of brilliance popped up on my Facebook feed.

So if, like me, you're keen to put together a few fun but worthwhile activities to keep the little ones entertained - especially while I do nothing but cook for the next few days - head on over to this post.

Rachael has put together a pretty comprehensive collection of activities. Hamish is loving the present wrapping, Rohan is still crazy about playdough and I think Liam is going to love crushing candy canes!

I haven't set up many- as we are a bit too close to Christmas now- but I'm definitely planning on a Christmas themed unit next December!


  1. Some great activities here! Must check them out!

    1. I want to do most of them myself, nevermind the children! S


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