Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Ten for Tuesday - An Elf on the Shelf Special Edition

Our special little elf visitor has been having a lot of fun at our house so far this month, so today's Ten for Tuesday is an Elf on the Shelf Special Edition...

1. Camping and toasting marshmallows in a sock sleeping bag. | 2. The amazing Hot Chocolate Station he made for us! | 3. Quietly reading his favourite Christmas story. | 4. Reindeer riding.
5. He brought the boys some Christmas pyjamas. | 6. Hamish loves his!
7. Scout likes the Woolies animal cards too. | 8. He found the letters for our Typo Lightbox. | 9. Hanging around waiting for big bro to come home for Christmas! | 10. Playing Noughts and Crosses North Pole style.

Do you have an elf? I'd love to see what yours has been up too! You can follow Scout's adventures on Instagram - #sahtelf

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