Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wetland Explorers

Living in Darwin means there are a few things on which you can (usually) rely. 

1. It's going to be hot and steamy. This is why I wear sunscreen every day and take a hat and water bottle with me wherever I go.

2. At this time of year it's going to be wet. Especially at school pick up time (why is that?!). This is why I keep umbrellas and shoes that can get wet in my car. 

Every year we've lived here, however, we've had a lot of variety in terms of the amount of rain in the wet season. (You can learn a bit about our seasons here.)  
So far, this year has seemed a bit drier than "normal", though we have had a couple of big storms to cool things off a bit. 
And it's not just me who likes the rain. Bird species from all over the world fly here at this time of year to revel in the wetlands that form as a result of all this precipitation. 

Just down the track a bit from Darwin on the road to Kakadu National Park is Window on the Wetlands- an interactive information centre with almost 360' views out over the wetlands.  Hence the name.

As part of our mission to introduce some fun, family, quality time on weekends we have taken a few trips out to the Window on "Adventure Sunday". 

We admire the views. 
We always dress the part of intrepid explorers (how little is he here?!?)
We compare the amount of water from our last visit - and try to spot buffalo wallowing in the mud
Then we drive over Fogg Dam in order to get a closer look at some of the bird life. 

We spot egrets and kites...
Snake-necked darts sunning themselves... ducks cruising...

lapwings and more egrets...
The water lilies are stunning too...

There's a viewing platform at the end where you can hop out of the car. We were lucky enough to spot this beauty too.

And we always keep our eyes peeled for those elusive saltwater crocodiles. 
The Territory sure has it's moments.

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