Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Revelations on a Treadmill

I went for a run this morning.  It was whilst trying to maintain my balance on the treadmill and hit buttons on my phone simultaneously that I discovered my entire collection of playlists has disappeared. (I synced my phone with our new computer yesterday and they’ve somehow vanished).

I have had a special list of music called “RUN” that contained lots of upbeat tracks to energise me, motivate me, and try to convince me that sweating it out for half an hour will eventually become addictive. 

So, I hit the only button that looked like it would play some form of music and tried to put my focus one foot in front of the other and whether or not I’m supposed to be running or walking.  What I ended up with was a very interesting collection of tunes – Monster Mash put an extra wiggle in my step, Mary Poppins’ Stay Awake got skipped in spite of my deepest desire to crawl back beneath the sheets and this one is our dance-yourself-silly tune of the month.

The end result of all this pounding the pavement to out-of-the-box music was a profound realisation that it's those deep-seated routines/habits/compulsions that are the reason I’m struggling so much with 2015, when it’s still only January!

I want to change. I want need to eat better, exercise more, sleep more, yell-at-my-kids less, surf-the-web less, covet-my-Instagram-feed-of-so-many-pretty-things less and, as a result of that last one, spend less money. I am nowhere near as close to living as mindfully and healthily as I was aspiring to be this time last year
The reason for this is lack of change. Old habits that haven’t died because I haven’t offered myself an alternative, rather I’ve latched onto these ritualistic conventions for their comforting reassurances without acknowledging that so many of them are contributing factors in my unhappiness, lack of satisfaction and frustrations.

I just love this post from Tsh Oxenrider on The Art of Simple about kaizen. That’s going to be my word of the year. Kaizen: small, continuous change. I need to slowly alter one little thing at a time until I have not so much reached my goals as gotten a little bit closer to the bliss that comes with mindfulness and a sense of achieving my purpose.

Wish me, not luck, but strength.

I’m also wondering - as I celebrate two years of Stay at Home Territory - what I should change on this little blog of mine. Are you enjoying the regular Montessori posts? The photography-rich Ten for Tuesdays. Would you like more activities for kids? Crafts? Recipes? Room makeovers? Information about life in the Territory?

So, I am open to suggestions and also keen to learn a little more about you, my readers. My post on Facebook the other day shows that you are a globally diverse bunch of lovelies! I’d really love it if you would take a moment to introduce yourself and let me know why you're here, if you visit regularly and what changes - be they small or continuous - you think I should make. 

Thank so much for your support and I wish you all the best for a New Year in which we can both try to achieve our best selves.


  1. It takes 3 weeks to break or make a habit! Stick to it!!

  2. Hi Sarah! I love that term 'kaizen' - it sounds perfect for me too - I think I'll join you! Congratulations on 2 years of blogging - that's awesome! I love your craft posts, and all the fun ideas you have for spending quality time with your family. I also enjoy reading about your day-to-day life! Hana xo

  3. My favourite post was your meal planning/ kitchen organisation post. It motivated me to plan our meals, be smarter with online shopping and fill up a cart of goodies from HSW. Unfortunately, I had to clear the cart when I saw the total cost. I love seeing your clever parties and Montessori units too. I'm keen to try one in our home soon. Congratulations on 2 years of blogging x

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    2. Thank you, Kira! Your ongoing support means so much xx


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