Monday, 16 February 2015

Easy Montessori - Early Maths Activity

Montessori can be easy.

Here's a simple activity to introduce early mathematical concepts. Best to use this one when your child is showing an interest in numbers.

One 'big' bowl, a few smaller bowls and some different coloured objects (I've used beads). A tray will help make it portable and show that it's a set of items.

The concept starts simple - Sort the different colours.We've started with only four different colours.

Then we introduce counting - 'How many of each colour?' Lay them out in lines. Keep the 'beads' the same number - and a small number - to start.

Then we can build complexity - Increase the number of 'beads' to count as your child's knowlege increases. Have a varying number of 'beads', lay them out in lines to compare them and ask 'Which colour has the most?'

We've had lots of fun with this one lately.

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