Saturday, 7 February 2015

Super Bowl 2015

I haven't dropped off the Earth. In case you were wondering.

I have, however, been lost in the swirling vortex that is sleep deprivation. Throw in the challenge of a new school year routine and blogging has sadly become a lower priority than usual.

Today, however, is reinforcement day, aka the weekend, when the Daddy is on hand to entertain and feed the troupes while I catch my breath.

Super bowl 2015 happened this week. I had a sure-fire plan to avoid the curse of the super bowl this year - we were all going to take the day off!

My plans were thwarted by Hubby's work demands (and to a lesser degree my conscience, which wasn't real keen on the kids missing their only-the-fourth day of the school year!)

So, we recorded it which - possibly because I checked on it every 15 minutes (trying desperately hard to avert my eyes from the score as I did so) - actually worked this year.

Due to a complete lack of energy we kept the decor pretty simple. A chalkboard and some red, white and blue to support The Pastry-ots (as Hamish calls them - Cu-ute!).. 
I did find these cool Bingo cards online which added a bit of extra interest to the game...
Especially when we used m&ms as Bingo tokens. 'Cept Rohan just ate his..
The kids were ridiculously excited about getting to try Powerade for the first time.
Personally, I don't understand the attraction but as they're not allowed sugary drinks they were a bit of a novelty.
We then danced off the sugar to Katy Perry at the half time show...
Most of my efforts this year went into the food - which is the whole point, really.

We started with Potato Skins and our traditional Seven Layer Dip... 
We, of course, had our favourite - Buffalo Chicken Wings with blue cheese dressing...
I tried my hand at Corn Dogs this year, which were pretty good..
And in spite of trying to stagger the food across all four quarters, we barely had room for dessert.
I made some sugar-free brownies to try and counteract the Powerade...
But I think the Oreo Cookie Pop Football Helmets may have negated my efforts! (Do they even look like helmets?)
In the end, it was one heck of an exciting game and we were thrilled to see The Patriots triumph!

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What are your favourite sport-watching munchies? 

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