Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ten for Tuesday

I haven't been snapping many pics this week - mainly due to sleep deprivation and sick kids - but I've managed to scrounge up ten for 2015's first Ten for Tuesday...

1. I've been watching The Block which makes me want to faff about with decor. | 2. Photo a day always has me faffing about - this week with my beauty secrets. | 3. Boys are still in the grip of soccer fever. New goals make for outside play every day. | 4. We put him in a big 'bed' and he rarely sleeps in it - couldn't resist snapping this pic when he'd made himself a nest at the foot of the bed! | 5. He made muffins. When I asked what flavour he said "Choc-et, Cin-mon Sugar, Meat, Cheese, Sush(i) and Booby (blueberry)" 
6. Lack of night sleeping means day time naps and sweet baby curls. | 7. Sickness and/or lack of night sleep means naps in the car at school pick up time. | 8. I found my Easter present in Coles the other day! | 9. Re-threading my drift hanger with a very 'helpful' kitty! | 10. We do this puzzle at least once a day.   
How's your week been?

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