Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Montessori Inspired Farm Unit - Part 2

Remember this post way back in November? It's without a doubt my favourite of our themed Montessori units so far.

I had promised to do a little Part 2 featuring some of the extra things we did during those two months - and here it is!

As part of our farm unit we also talked about where food comes from.

We made our own butter.

And spread it on freshly baked homemade bread.
We also cracked our own walnuts to use in cooking Banana Bread.

The boys really loved testing their strength with this one and we ended up leaving the nuts and cracker in the playroom for whenever it took their fancy. It was even a big hit with some friends we had over for dinner.

The next time we do this unit I'm planning on letting the kids plant their own vegetables in the garden.

City folk, like us, could even incorporate a farm stay into the unit. It's been a while since we did - I had to dig through the archives for these pics.

These are back in 2006 when Michael was 11 and Liam was 4 months old. 

And this one is from 2008. Michael was 13 and Liam was 2. The same month I fell pregnant with Hamish and the same year we moved to The Territory...
The great thing about this unit is that there are so many possiblities for expansion.

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