Monday, 30 March 2015

Sight Word Splash!

Things have been a little quiet here on the blog as I've been busy planning and celebrating birthdays - more on that later.

It's Montessori Monday today and while I write a lot on here about the Montessori Units and activities that I set up mainly for Rohan to explore, I'm also still conscious of the need to support his big brothers as they learn new concepts too. Whilst not strictly Montessori, this activity has been a big hit in our house.

Hamish has been introduced to Sight Words this year and in the last few weeks they've really sparked his interest. He's very keen to practice them daily and gets really excited when he moves up a level.

A little while ago I shared this post on the SAHT Facebook page and it got me thinking about a way we could use this outdoor space and some chalk to practice his sight words. Combine that with the fact that it has been ridiculously hot here in Darwin - and I mean hotter than usual at this time of year - and I think I came up with the perfect activity!
We cleared out the carport and wrote Hamish's previously-mastered and currently-working-on sight words all over it. Then we filled a whole heap of water bombs!

Hamish had to choose a word, say it out loud and then splash away...
I love the way he closes his eyes on impact.
Liam had to have a go too...
and Rohan went with a stomp-on-any-word technique...
They loved, loved, loved this. So much so we had to restock the water bombs and do it all over again!
And then we just threw the rest at Daddy - fun!

How do you practice sight words?

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