Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ten for Tuesday - The Catch Up Edition

I've been so bad at taking photos this week that I thought I'd throw in a few I haven't shared on the blog yet as a little 2015 catch up.

1. Butterfly in the garden. | 2. Big boys back to school. | 3. Our first International Food Night of the year - Korea whilst watching the Asian Cup final. | 4. Some post-holiday redecorating has been happening - we got this painting of our favourite beach... | 5. ...and new dining room chairs to go with the new-old dining room table.

6. Loving this arrow I've added to the boys room - $9 at Kmart! | 7. Rohan's moved out of the cot and into a big boy bed. | 8. So excited that this pic was shared as part of the Fab Four for #fmsphotoaday... | 9. ...because I'm just loving his 'new' room. | 10. We've been very focussed on animals and where they live this month. He likes pointing out the flamingos! 

How's your week been?

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