Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ten for Tuesday - The Photo a Day Edition

I started sharing a Photo a Day on Instagram nearly three years ago.

At first it was just something fun to try and a reason for this non-photographer to share an occasional picture on a new social media app. Over the years it's become a creative outlet - something that's just for me. I've learnt a lot about photography and I've found an incredible online community of supportive, creative individuals most of whom are other mums supporting each other as we embrace everyday and taking a minute to focus on the beauty amongst the chaos.

The added bonus is that when you put all the pictures together - and for the last two years I've completed all 365 days - it's a wonderful collection of our family memories throughout the year.

I participate in Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge. Each month/week Chantelle releases a list of prompts and you simply have to post a picture that, for you, encapsulates that prompt and hashtag #fmsphotoaday.

Sometimes I'll use my DSLR but most of the time I just use my iPhone - all of the pics below were taken with my phone and edited using Chantelle's Little Moments app (which also reminds you of each day's prompt).

So today's Ten for Tuesday is a collection of the shots I've taken for March - all of which I've been busy taking over the last week because I got several days behind!

With some prompts I like to faff about and try to get a little arty...1. 'Remedy' | 2. 'Young' | 3. 'Part of Me' | 4. 'Sweet' 
Sometimes I just share candid shots of what everyday looks like for us... 5. 'Open' | 6. 'Make'
And sometimes it's a combination of the two... 7. 'Out the Window' | 8. 'Starts with R' | 9. 'Geometric' | 10. 'Floral'
Have I inspired you? I really cannot recommend sharing a photo a day enough if you're looking for a way to express yourself creatively - or just capture your everyday family fun.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram you'll find me here.

If you'd like to follow Chantelle to get the prompts, see her amazing photography and see the daily 'Fab Four' you'll find them all here.

Tell me, How's your week been?

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  1. I'm a dabbler in Photo A Day. I can't seem to be consistent, but I love it when I do it! In fact, you've inspired me to try harder. And your 'Starts with R' is one of my absolute favourites!


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