Monday, 20 April 2015

Animals of the World: A Montessori Inspired Unit

I do hope you'll excuse my sporadic blogging in the last month. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that two of my boys have birthdays very close together in April and they are usually either side of Easter - so it's a very busy time for me.

If you have been following our little family's fun for a little while you'll also know that Rohan is obsessed with animals. As part of my attempts to follow the child, and present materials that are relevant to their current interests, it seemed obvious that our next themed unit be about the animals of the world.
We set up the playroom with a few animal and geography related materials.We have our Little Passports country of the month on display (more about this later)...

...and used our nesting boxes to talk about where in the world we are.
A few animal items and figurines added texture and interest...

Rohan's favourite thing, of course, is to use the growing collection of animals with our World Play Mat and sometimes we use them with our continent cube by rolling it and then having to find an animal from that continent and placing it on the map.
Sometimes we match the animals to their name cards......or pretend we are on safari!
We had another basket of animals for counting...
...and loved using the abacus to practice our numbers.
Rohan has also noticed that our wall map has some animals on it too. He likes to point them out and try to name these continents which look a little different to our play mat map because they show countries.

He's a really big fan of the Bindi the Jungle Girl show and is learning so much from watching these episodes. He can now locate Patagonia on the map!
Our sensorial area had a whole lot of puzzles...
 ...most of which were either maps or animals.

We also loved playing with our doctors kit in conjunction with some of our soft animal friends.
This giant book has always been a favourite in our house - I bought it for Michael for his fourth birthday! It's starting to show it's 16 years but the kids just love to look at the gorgeous pictures, name the animals they know and use the key on the back of the book to identify the ones they don't know. This book has also inspired I-spy and Which animal am I?/Twenty questions type games which are a lot of fun.

Tell me! What's your favourite animal? Have you ever seen one?

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  1. Very inspirational! We love geography and I found a few useful ideas in your post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Eva! Hope you have as much fun as we did.


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