Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Magical Days - Harry Potter's Birthday

If you’re following along with the Magical Days calendar you might have noticed that it’s Harry Potter’s birthday on Friday (the 31st July). Here are some quick and easy ways to make an ordinary day a little bit extraordinary…
 * If you haven’t already, read the book/s to your children. I know it depends a lot on the maturity/sensitivity of the child, but I think six is a good age to tackle the first book. Harry celebrates his birthday in chapter four and by that stage you’ll both be captivated. 

* Make magic wands. Heaps of ideas on Pinterest and this one looks fairly easy. Be sure to make a few different ones so the wand can choose the wizard.

* Make golden snitches. Those tricky-to-see tiny quidditch balls get a tasty makeover. Look super easy to make too; full instructions here.
Via snazzify lm
 * Play Quidditch. There’s this table-top version or you could really get into it like this one...
Via Martha Shmartha

* Explore J.K. Rowling shares new writing about Harry’s world here and you can also shop for a wand and an owl, then go to Hogwarts to be sorted and complete lots of challenges. (I’m in Hufflepuff!)

* Bake a cake. Whip up a cake for Harry. Love, love, love this one inspired by Hagrid's… 
Via Craft Marmalade

* Cuddle up and watch a movie. Which Harry Potter film is your favourite? Make some popcorn, or the yummy golden snitches above OR you can make things a little more elaborate like we do.

Two years ago we decided to combine watching the first movie (after finishing the first book) with a little afternoon tea party. We soon realised that one book/film per year is actually the best fit for our kid/s so we made it a yearly event. You can see our first Hogwarts Express-inspired party here and last year’s Honeydukes extravaganza here.

This year, after reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I’ve decided to recreate a feast in the great hall – picture floating candles, an enchanted ceiling, house banners and gold plates. I think this house elf has got her work cut out for her this year! 

***UPDATE: You can see how our Goblet of Fire dinner turned out here.***
P.S. Heaps more of my favourite ideas on my Harry Potter Pinterest Board.


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